Philosophy/Scientific Basis

The skin is the largest organ of our body and unfortunately, it is often neglected.

Why? Due to its external position, it is often the last to receive nutrients, vitamins, and oxygen. Despite our varied intentions, we neglect its health until it becomes sick or damaged; often, it's too late.

The opposite should be done. Regularly stimulate it to ensure good vascularization and thus good nutrition, just as we have learned to do for our muscles and joints by practicing sports.

This helps boost collagen and elastin production, tone the skin, and enhance the complexion. The more we stimulate our skin, the more beautiful it will be.

Protecting it from the sun is necessary to prevent internal dysfunction. Sun exposure leads to permanent skin inflammation, oxidative stress, and loss of elasticity.

Unfortunately, the sun is not the only factor causing oxidative stress; there's alcohol, tobacco, stress, etc. A healthy lifestyle is essential to maintaining healthy skin.

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