The team

Mrs. Émilie Buisine

Specialized in facial and neck surgery for almost 20 years, you love her for her gentleness and empathy, and I appreciate her for her precision and energy! Émilie, a scrub nurse, has also specialized in laser techniques and holds a laser therapist diploma.

Mrs. Sandrine Merville

As an operating room nurse for over 20 years, Sandrine will welcome you to the operating room with empathy and reassurance, and she assists me with great dexterity.

Mrs. Joëlle Lancien
Secretary and Executive Assistant

Dynamic and cheerful, always caring, whether in the office or on the phone, Joëlle will guide you through your appointments and answer your organizational questions.

20 Quai Lunel
06300 Nice
Phone : +33 (0)4 89 03 96 03
 - Dr. Cecile Winter