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Taking care of your skin according to the seasons

In autumn and winter, all skincare procedures can be performed, making it the ideal time for peels and starting laser treatments.

In spring and summer, we continue to stimulate our skin. Sessions of photorejuvenation (Kleresca, Lumixa), mesotherapy, and Hydrafacial will provide not only an increase in collagen production but also much-needed deep hydration for the summer season.

Annual skincare routine for optimized skin:

  • Early Autumn: Peeling is the treatment that brightens the skin and refines the texture as, during the summer season, there is a thickening of the epidermis that dulls the complexion.
  • Late Autumn and Winter: Lasers allow for deep stimulation of the dermis and hypodermis. These treatments are only available in winter due to decreased sunlight. They increase skin density and tone, regulate complexion, and reduce pore size.
  • Spring: Mesotherapy enhances skin radiance and provides deep hydration.
  • Summer: Treatments like Kleresca tighten pores, increase collagen production, maintain skin tone and hydration, with no contraindications related to sun exposure.
  • One week before any other treatment: Performing a deep cleansing session like Hydrafacial boosts the results.

Year-round Available Treatments


This involves a three-step deep cleansing and hydration technique for the face.

  1. CLEANSING + EXFOLIATION: Stimulating purification of the skin.
  2. EXTRACTION + HYDRATION: Painless removal of impurities through suction and intense hydration for restored skin plumpness.
  3. FUSION + PROTECTION: Enhancing skin radiance with antioxidants and peptides deposited until complete saturation.

This treatment can be done occasionally for a radiant complexion or regularly on a monthly basis to maintain clear skin and tightened pores.

- 180€ per session
- 250€ per session with boosters


This treatment provides skin micronutrition, adding radiance and hydration to your skin. The treatment includes the face, neck, and décolleté. Five annual sessions are recommended. Different techniques include:

  • DERMAPEN Microneedling: Uses 16 micro-needles to penetrate hyaluronic acid and vitamins into the mid-dermis while mechanically stimulating the face, neck, and décolleté.
    Price: 120 per session

  • MESONANOSOFT Microneedling + Deep Meso: Medical device injecting free hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and amino acids into the deep dermis for delicate areas like the eyes, perioral zone, neck, and décolleté. Often combined with Dermapen.
    Price: 150 per session

  • MESOPEEL: Glycolic facial peel and mesotherapy for face-neck-décolleté, done consecutively to achieve a radiant complexion with brighter skin tone.
    Price: 180 per session

Mesotherapy and mesopeel are systematically accompanied by LED sessions (light biostimulation) to optimize results and reduce redness.


This treatment targets varicose veins, painlessly addressing rosacea and couperose.

Two sessions spaced six weeks apart are usually sufficient. For those with rosacea, reducing redness with Kleresca sessions is recommended before Thermavein treatment.

Price: 200 per session


This completely painless treatment increases collagen production by 400% through fluorescent light energy, addressing skin alterations.

Different types of Kleresca are available based on skin type:

  • Kleresca Acne (for inflammatory acne)
    Price: 120 per session

  • Kleresca Rosacea (for redness and flushes)
    Price: 150 per session

  • Lumixa Collagen Booster (for skin texture, firmness, radiance)
    Price: 150 per session

Kleresca and Lumixa treatments are non-invasive and can be done throughout the year. Immediate recovery allows for makeup application after the session, giving the skin a bronzed effect. Four to five sessions spaced a week apart are performed initially, followed by maintenance sessions every two months.

Year-round Available Treatments


Peels are essential for skin quality in the fall, refining skin texture and reducing uneven skin tone.

  • Glycolic Peel: Acts on the superficial dermal layer, providing luminosity. Can be done during lunch breaks without social constraints.
    Price: 100 per session

  • TCA Peel: More visibly impactful, suitable for those desiring a pronounced result. Results in light to significant peeling visible within a week, with potential redness for 3 to 5 days.
    Price: 150 per session

Peels are systematically accompanied by LED sessions (light biostimulation) to optimize results and reduce redness.


This fractional ablative laser, part of the latest generation, is non-burning and non-invasive. It increases collagen production, acting directly on skin and subcutaneous tissues. Ideal for skin rejuvenation, acne scars, wrinkles, and pore reduction.

Five to seven sessions spaced three weeks apart are needed for eyelid, face, and neck tightening. Smooth texture and radiant complexion are achieved gently without discomfort.

  • Eyelid contour
    Price: 100 per session

  • Face only
    Price: 200 per session

  • Face and neck
    Price: 250 per session

Laser sessions are systematically accompanied by LED sessions (light biostimulation) to optimize results and reduce redness

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