Care at home

Daily Care


It is not advisable to wash the face in the morning because during the night, our skin secretes a protective film that acts as a shield against external aggressions (sun, pollution). So, washing the face with cool water or thermal water for sensitive skin is sufficient.

As part of the morning routine, regarding creams; to start the day well, we recommend applying a serum with vitamin C (antioxidant) that will illuminate your complexion all day.

Those who do not tolerate vitamin C can opt for a milder antioxidant, such as ferritin or SOD (superoxide dismutase).

You can then apply a moisturizing cream for those with dry skin.

Let's not forget the most important, sunscreen with SPF 50, to be applied every day and all year round (summer and winter): it is the best anti-wrinkle and anti-spot. Sunscreen is our best anti-aging ally; it should be applied to all exposed areas—face, neck, ears, hands at the minimum.


It is good to wash the face in the evening twice in a row to eliminate impurities and pollution particles accumulated on your skin during the day. Ideally, use an electric brush with a 2 or 3-minute program for the second wash.

This allows for a massage during cleaning that will stimulate skin vascularization, a two-in-one! For those prone to edema, lymphatic drainage can be performed at the same time, a three-in-one! Right after drying the face, we can apply a serum and a moisturizing cream to improve the nighttime cellular regeneration process.

For skins tolerating vitamin A, treatments can be done in winter. For sensitive skin, opt for milder acids such as phytic or salicylic, or serums like growth factors and biomimetic peptides.

Weekly Care

Once a week, mechanically exfoliate the skin to unclog pores and remove dead cells with a scrub that can be followed by a mask.

Once or twice a week, tighten the skin pores with glycolic wipes in winter.

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