Treating the sagging

Philosophy: Don't Rush! And Anticipate!

One of the greatest maxims in medicine is "primum non nocere," meaning "first, do no harm." When we think of sagging, we immediately think of surgery:

  • Sagging eyelids, eyelid surgery,
  • Sagging of the jawline and neck, cervicofacial lift.

It is essential to keep in mind that to perform surgery, the benefits must outweigh the risks. Therefore, the sagging should be significant enough for surgery to provide aesthetic improvement.

To be honest, sagging doesn't happen overnight, and it's often multifactorial. Skin quality is crucial, but so are volumes, supports, contractions pulling the face downward, and more. These aging and sagging factors can be slowed down by aesthetic medicine and our daily care routines. I invite you to reread the chapters on prevention and skincare to delay surgery as much as possible.

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