In a world where image takes precedence, let's not lose our way.

It's not about injecting a bit of medicine into aesthetics but understanding that medicine and surgery are already an art, based on the understanding of human functioning, and have been so for millennia.

When we talk about face and neck, function calls for aesthetics. The management of the face and neck is a subtle art aimed at making them function and harmonize without exaggeration.

A pleasing face to behold is, above all, a functional face, where each element contributes to overall beauty without compromising functionality. Excess, often synonymous with dysmorphophobia, is to be avoided as it leads to aberrant, deficient aesthetics, losing its natural grace.

The key lies in understanding our facial muscles. By gently stimulating these muscles daily, we preserve their tone and functionality. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of our face, we give ourselves the means to maintain it in a balanced way.

Anticipating structural changes over time is essential. Prevention involves addressing minor flaws as they appear, thus avoiding major functional issues that could require more extensive and aggressive surgical interventions. Let's respect and love ourselves because aging is inevitable. Adopting a positive approach to our natural evolution allows us to age happily, accepting changes while preserving our authenticity. Ultimately, beauty lies in understanding, acceptance, and the love we have for our own being

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